Nutritional Knowledge – Part 2

If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Eat It

Sadly, many of the foods we eat today are far removed from their natural, healthy form. This over processed and packaged food is stuffed full of preservatives and chemicals to make it shelf-stable and convenient for you to top in the microwave. Naughty.

These types of foods are a disaster for your health and your body in particular. They create toxic build up in your system (more on that later) and they render you incapable of losing any body fat. They also provide little in the way of nourishment and adequate vitamins and minerals, which are so essential to a well-functioning body.

It’s time to turn this around and start eating foods in their natural and wholesome form again, but what does all this mean. Well, allow me to sound smart for a moment. For starters, you will be doing away with anything that you can’t pronounce. Meaning that, if you read the food label and in the ingredients list you see something that looks like “titanium dioxide” or hydrolysed yeast extract or “monosodium glutamate, then its best you take calculated decisions.

I say calculated decisions because; there has been a huge movement over the past several years that has drilled that phrase into our memories. But do we, or should we really be living by it to the letter? I am not going to say that there is no truth to it because that would just be irresponsible; and I don’t do irresponsible, unless were playing Russian roulette, what’s the worst that could happen? Anyway, what I AM going to say is, like most all-encompassing statements, take it with a grain of sodium chloride….errrr, I mean salt!

Let us dig deeper, not everything that sounds like a nuclear chemical actually is. For example our bodies need antioxidants: A good thing? Of course it is! But, if we lived by the “If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Eat It” theory then would we, or should we eat them?
A couple examples of antioxidants are: zeaxathin, proanthocyanidin, reserveratrol, cryptoxanthin
Sound scary? Yes, it might, and we may choose not to eat them if they were called by their respective names.

How about making sure we get our necessary vitamins:

D2 – ergocalciferol,  D3 – cholecalciferol, B12 – cobalamin.I mean, they could just call vitamin D “the stuff the sun gives off” Can you imagine reading that off of a bottle of juice?
Much has also been said over the years about the benefits of the “super-food” kelp, or, scientifically known as Macrocystis pyrifera. How about the green tea craze that is so wide spread…green tea – Camellia sinensis.

As you can see by the above examples, “If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Eat It” should be, in my humble opinion, thrown out of our vocabulary. Do your research, know what you are eating and don’t be afraid of the million dollar words – but, educate yourself. Make the best informed decision for yourself.

You will drink herbal teas and pure water instead of diet soda, and lattes. You will eat serving of lean and unprocessed meats such as turkey and chicken breasts as opposed to highly salted and processed meats such as bacon and salami. You will consume far more fresh fruits and vegetables and far fewer snack foods such as granola bars, cookies, crisps and cakes. Right?

When you do your weekly shopping you will find yourself sticking to the “perimeter,” where you find deli, dairy, bakery and produce section. Why is this important? If a food is perishable, then it contains a far fewer chemicals and preservatives and has more nutrition left intact. You will be avoiding sugar and high fructose corn syrup. You will be selecting whole grain options such as brown rice, grain bread and quinoa as opposed to their highly processed counterparts. Right?

By making these changes, you will be able to fuel yourself for your workout and provide yourself with energy to spare. You will kick-start your metabolism and start burning away extra body fat. You will also provide proper nutrition to improve your overall health and start seeing other benefits such as improved skin tone and elasticity and, even better hair and nails. You will begin to detoxify and naturally transform your entire body?

Right, I’m off to have a cup of hot dihydrogen monoxide saturated with camellia sinensis, some sucrose and 15 millilitres of liquid extract from a bos taurus – water, green tea, sugar and milk.