Are We a Lazy Generation?

In my opinion, yes, yes we are. We are the most informed generation in human history but also the most unfit and fat one too! Blame it on whatever you like, make as many excuses as you can think of to justify your inaction, but the truth of the matter is this: from all the amazing health and nutritional choices available to us today, we not only make the wrong choices, we make the worst ones. Yes, we make the worst choices.

Maybe we are miss-informed and lack knowledge about nutrition and important facts about the foods we eat and feed to our families, maybe we are just greedy and selfish and having all these choices at our disposal makes those two imposters grow funder. It’s funny how we would rather eat and fill our bodies with processed, chemically filled foods: lay on the couch drink alcohol, eat junk everyday and wonder why we end up with a life threatening disease; then cry out when we are having a heartache that is totally caused by LIFESTYLE CHOICES…sorry for shouting.

By all means treat yourself, have a curry night in, a Pizza Express night out every now and then, have a drink or two with friends and family but always remember your long term goal; to look after your body.

Between me and you, I find it incomprehensive that people wouldn’t want a better alternative.
Imagine trying to convince someone that they don’t have to have a heart attack or a life threatening disease later in their lives, that diseases and health conditions are70%-80% preventable through a well-structured health and nutritional plan. Meaning you can change that outcome, those results, that diagnosis. It shouldn’t take trauma for people to get it and I mean…. really get it.

Let’s look at our evolutionary past for clues. In terms of “activity” or “exercise”, our bodies were designed to be active. We walked around bare feet all nonchalant, whispering, (ooh yes, cavemen whispered) gathered food, tracked prey, cooked, and cleaned (?) etc. And when it was time to move, we frickin’ moved. We sprinted away from predators or towards prey. We climbed trees, hoisted objects, swung weapons, and clubbed stuff to death with maximal exertion, just because we could. None of what we did was formal exercise; we just completed the necessary tasks of the day, whatever it was. The only thing similar to tracking prey now days is checking your smartphone app for the nearest restaurant and the quickest way to get there. We have changed.

Yes, we may be a lazy generation but we are also full of it, full of excuses, empty promises and most importantly full of self-disappoints. There are things in life we have little control over (life happens) but to be fitter, faster, stronger and healthier is our birth right.

Have you ever thought about the next 10,20, 30 years of your life and what your strength will look like, what your flexibility will be, what your body composition will be like and what kind of condition your heart, lungs and muscles will be in? I have.

Well friend, I made a promise to myself not too long ago, that I will still be able to kick a ball with my grandson at the age of 80, not too far nor too high, but it’s my promise and more importantly, its my choice.

The choice is AWALYS yours.