Detoxify your body to trigger fat loss – Part 2

Detoxify Your Body to Trigger Fat Loss 2/2

Is cleansing the cure?

If you need to detoxify your body to lose weight, then you might think that going on a “cleanse” or a “flush” would be the best course of action. In reality, it’s not. Detox is a pretty big buzzword these days. There are countless programs, products and services designed to help you flush your body of all toxic wastes in as little as a single weekend. They come with claims of quick and effortless fat loss better skin and hair, improved regularity, and even elimination of allergies, sinus problems and many other health issues.

But all this is actually overkill and can even do you more harm than good further more, it may be cost effective and not sustainable. When you take a supplement, herb or product designed to flush your body out; you cause a cascade of toxic waste to enter your system. While this might seem like a great idea to try and purge everything simultaneously, your body simply can’t handle this much at once.

The kidneys, liver, and colon are a little sluggish to begin with from many years of improper eating and unhealthy lifestyle; which is actually on of the reasons that toxins begin to accumulated in your body in the first place.

Therefore, when you try and force your body to detox all at the same time, it’s like trying to continuously flush a clogged toilet eventually its going to overflow. In your body, these toxins just re-circulate through your blood stream and make you feel very ill. Many people who go on a weekend cleanse are hit with the harsh reality of just how painful an event this can be. And at the end of it all, you haven’t even put a dent in the amount of toxins that your body has accumulated over the years.

How to detox Naturally

Thankfully, there is an easier and more effective way to detox than by taking a supplement or using a cleansing a kit to speed the process and here it is: Ready? Are Sure? OK!

The key to safe and easy detox is simply to STOP the further addiction of toxic substances into your body and let your body detoxify naturally and safely on its own.


I told you it was simple.

It is essential to note that are you constantly detoxifying each and every day, with every breath you take. The key is to stop loading your body up with toxins and then let your body naturally eliminate whatever it’s accumulated over the years. There is no need to force or rush this process; it will happen if you let it.

You can help this process along by following a few specific guidelines. For example, by ensuring that you are eating adequate fiber and drinking enough water you will be able to improve the rate at which you flush toxins from your body without any nasty side effects or feeling ill. By following the “Ten Nutritional Commandments” you can rest assured that you will be setting you body up for the natural and safe detoxification that is essential in fat elimination and weight loss.


Next chapter- The Ten Nutritional Commandments and I will elaborate more on the “six smaller meals a day” strategy. But before then, try and see how this can be applied to current life and whether is practical on a day to day basis. Remember to never compromise on health, water, fruits and vegetables.

Until then stay health and stay fit.