Detoxify your body to trigger weight loss

Detoxify Your Body to Trigger Fat Loss –Part 1

By now we should be on our way to detoxifying our bodies if you have all been following for my Nutritional Knowledge (IF). Please try and follow through with it or else you will miss the bigger picture.

Most people think of body fat as simply stored energy. And while it’s true that body fat is one of the best methods your body has for storing extra energy until it’s needed, it also has other purposes.

A less-known function of body fat is to protect you from harmful toxins and waste products. You might wonder what this has to do with getting totally toned. Well, let me refer you back to alcohol over-consumption in chapter3 as an explanation. If your body is in an over toxic state, you will not be able to get rid of your extra fat stores. This is because your body loves extra fat stores.

Few would disagree that the lifestyle we lead can be exceedingly toxic. We work long hours and get less sleep. We drink too much alcohol and caffeine and we breathe in too much pollution. We stress out far too much and we don’t take enough time for rest and relaxation. We spend our days sitting at a desk and the majority of us don’t get enough exercise. To top it off, our diet is one of the major contributing factors to the toxic load we place on our bodies.

And while our bodies are incredibly efficient at processing and removing many of these toxic substances, they can only take so much. At some point, the amount of garbage we put into our systems exceeds our body’s ability to remove it. This is where your fat cells come into play: If your body cannot remove all the toxic waste and by-products that it is receiving, it will stuff them away into your fat cells until such a time that it can deal with them and get them out.

Unfortunately, most people never give their body this opportunity and as a result, their fat cells continue to grow and expand year after year. This is exactly why some people can exercise a lot and eats so little, yet still not lose any weight. Their body needs the extra fat to protect it from all toxic build-up. However, if and when, they allow their body to detoxify and cleanse itself, there will no longer be a reason to hold on to the extra fat. At this point, weight loss becomes easy and even effortless.

To continue…