The Ten nutritional Commandments – Part 4


The Ten nutritional Commandments – Contd

5.3 Eat fruits with the days first three meals

The importance of fruits in your nutrition plan follows along many of the same lines as eating adequate vegetables. Generally speaking, fruits contains plenty of fibre to help out your natural detoxification process, along with very high levels of vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients. The brilliant colour of many fruits gives hints of the powerhouses of nutrition that they are.

However, there seems to be an ongoing debate as to whether fruits is a good idea when you trying to lose body fat. This is a result of the fact that fruits contain sugar. While fruits does contain sugar it is the same type of sugar  as you would find in sweet. Sugar is Sugar any way you look at it but the difference is in how that sugar is made. The difference is that fruit sugars burn more slowly – which is also known as having a low glycemic index. (The Glycemic Index (GI) is a numerical scale used to indicate how fast and how high a particular food can raise our blood glucose (blood sugar) level. A food with a low GI will typically prompt a moderate rise in blood glucose, while a food with a high GI may cause our blood glucose level to increase above the optimal level).

The fibre content in fruits slows this process down even further, thus avoiding the rapid spike in blood sugar that is so common with most other sweet foods.

However, you will notice that I am advising you to eat fruits only in each of your three morning meals. By eating fruits at the beginning of the day, it will give you that kick-start of energy you need to get you going in the morning and into the afternoon, but you will also be able to burn off sugar throughout the day. By noon you should have consumed the vast majority of your daily carbohydrates and calories, and therefore by eliminating fruits from the last three meal of the day, you will ensure that you don’t go overboard with sugar.