The Ten nutritional Commandments – Part 6

The Ten nutritional Commandments-Contd

Eat Only Slow-Burning Complex Carbohydrate.

By now you might feel that carbohydrates are the enemy, considering that sugar (which is a carbohydrate) spikes your blood sugar, promotes the release of insulin and causes fat storage, you might think that the whole no-carb movement has some value. However, I totally disagree with the no-carb philosophy. Carbohydrates do have their place; it’s just most people go overboard with them. When you don’t eat enough carbs, you slip into a state called ketosis, which can be very hard on your body. You get severe “brain fog” and confusion because your brain needs carbohydrates to function properly. You also become lethargic and your energy is sapped. Getting  in an effective workout or manage through the day while you are in ketosis is next to impossible. No-carb diets are very often high in saturated and trans-fats, and low in essential vitamins and minerals. They also produce a significant “acid load” on the body, which becomes toxic and as you now should know, this makes it impossible to achieve any sort of weight loss.

Carbs are necessary if you want to exercise efficiently and they are even needed to trigger fat burning. There is a saying that “fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates”, which  means that if you don’t have any carbohydrates in your system then you can’t burn body fat. In fact, the reason why most no-carb diets work in the beginning is because you have to eliminate many of the foods you routinely eat in excess, and as a result, your total caloric intake drops so low that you lose weight. These diets also massively reduce the amount of insulin your body is secreting because you won’t be eating any sugar.  However, these effects are short lived: your metabolism will soon slow down due to the under-consumption of calories. And because physical activity in the complete absence of carbohydrates is profoundly difficult, your workout will be dismal as well. However, the main reason no-carb diets don’t work is because they are nearly impossible to maintain long term. You can only eat so much concentrated protein and fat before your body takes over and compels you to eat something with carbs in it. It might take two weeks or two months but when this happens, all weight you lost will come piling back on with mad vengeance.

Not all carbs are bad and if you make appropriate selections, eating carbs can actually help you burn body fat. The key is to avoid carbohydrates that are overly processed and have a high glycemic index. These include dense starches such as white rice and flour products such as breads, wraps and any cor c n products. Also, carbohydrates  known as “simple sugar” – such as corn syrup, table sugar, honey – should be eliminated. These carbohydrates rapidly spike your blood sugar level, leading to excess insulin output, which, in turn, stores body fat.

By replacing these foods with slow-burning “complex carbs” such as fruits and vegetables and whole-grain and fibre-dense starches, like brown rice, sprouted grain breads and sweet potatoes, you will make huge improvements in your levels of energy and your ability to lose body fat. These foods burn slowly, keeping energy level up, provide plenty of nutrition and balance your blood sugar level.