The Ten nutritional Commandments – Part 8

The Ten nutritional Commandments

Drink 2 to 3 litre of water per day.

I know you’ve heard this before, but it simply cannot be overstated. You need to drink  more water. The rule of 3 pint glasses per day is an absolute minimum for optional functioning and I am recommending 5 to 7 pints. You might be thinking that you don’t drink nearly that much water right, and you haven’t had any problems. However, it’s important to clarify something here that really throws people for a loop.  We’ve always been told we need at list 3 pints glasses of water per day, but people don’t get anywhere close to that much. And yet, we don’t have people dropping over dead from dehydration all over the place, do we? And we often don’t feel very thirsty; otherwise we’d drink more water, wouldn’t we? So is this number just some concoction or marketing ploy by the bottled water companies to get you to drink more water? Thankfully no.

Our bodies are incredibly adaptable and if you do not provide your body with enough water, it has many mechanisms that prevent dehydration from causing serious problems. First of all, it stops eliminating it. While a normal healthy person can easily eliminate up to 2.5 litres of water a day through urine alone and at least another litre or more from sweating and faeces, in someone who is dehydrated, these processes slow down considerably. This is why someone who isn’t drinking enough water can easily become constipated, stop sweating (which throws off the body’s temperature-regulating mechanisms), and stop urinating. Interestingly enough, all three of these processes are major contributors to your natural detoxification mechanisms.

So if you are not getting enough water it’s easy to see that you are literally putting a grinding halt to your ability to eliminate toxins . your body will be forced to retain the water that it has and recirculation it through the body. Think of a creek bed that stops flowing in the heat of summer. The water becomes stagnant, dirty and scummy, all sorts of insects and rodents start to show up, and it starts to smell. If you aren’t providing your body with enough water to keep everything flowing and moving out, then this is exactly what can happen inside your body. When you get enough water, your body will function optimally. It won’t have to retain any excess fluid, and you will notice that you look leaner and slimmer because of it. You will be able to flush out toxins much faster, you will think clearer, your vision will be better, you will have more energy and the list goes on.

Most people don’t think they are feeling all that bad until they start drinking more water and realise the difference it makes to their well-being. So drink up!