The Ten nutritional Commandments – Part 7

The Ten nutritional Commandments

Don’t Restrict Calories – Replace Them.

The first thing most people do when they want to lose weight is to massively reduce the number of calories they eat. As I have mentioned already, this is murder to your metabolism. While there is always some initial weight loss, it is short-lived and overall effect ends up reversing itself when the extra weight is gained back –  and then some – from the reduction in metabolism.

If you want to train your body to let go of its extra body fat, you simply cannot restrict your calories. Your blood  sugar will drop too low, and you will be plagued by uncontrollable urges to eat everything in sight (especially sweet and fatty foods, which  are more calorie dense).        Your metabolism will slow down and your energy levels will suffer, making it impossible to get through an effective workout or perhaps even get through the day healthily.

The point of any good nutritional plan is not about starving yourself or cutting calories (unless you’re eating way above your daily requirements); it’s about replacing the “bad” foods in your diet with “good” ones. Just by changing the foods you eat, you will find that you aren’t consuming nearly as many calories. This is because you will be eating foods that are more nutrient dense, but calorie sparse. You will feel satisfied and full, while at the same time you will increase your metabolism and improve your energy levels.

For example instead of starting a your beautiful day with a latte and a muffin, you might replace that with a fruit smoothie containing fresh berries and low-fat protein powder or go for a vegetable smoothie first thing in the morning. This would keep you fuller longer, provide plenty of vitamins and mineral and will give you energy to spare without the crash afterwards. Yes admittedly, it can sometimes taste a little rough depending on the vegetable mixture but whatever expression your face produces your heart will always be smiling.