The Ten Nutritional Commandments – Part 1

The Ten nutritional Commandments


  1. Eat Six smaller Meals a Day


Many modern humans stick to the “three squares a day” rule of breakfast, lunch and dinner. And while this isn’t entirely accurate because many people snack all day long, they still tend to consume the vast majority of their calories in three larger meals. They also tend to eat in an increasing fashion: they eat an average breakfast, then a larger lunch and even larger dinner.

This business of eating three squares a day, and eating more calories as the day progresses, is an absolute nightmare for fat loss. If you wait to long between meals, your blood sugar drops very low. When this happens, hormones are released that trigger extreme hunger and ravenous cravings. At this point, it will then be all you can do to stop yourself from gorging on the first things you can find (which is usually something quick and easy from the nearest vending machine). Willpower does not stand a chance against this powerful biological drive to eat.

However, if you eat smaller meals and eat more frequently, you never let yourself get too hungry, and you balance out your blood sugar levels. You won’t ever get to the point where you are ravenous, and you will have a steady stream of energy all day long. Also, you won’t get those horrible energy crashes that are so common after large meals.

And finally, because you will be fuelling yourself in smaller amounts all day long, your metabolic furnace will be burning up even more calories and fat than you would otherwise. This “hot furnace effect” happens because every time you eat something, our body has to burn calories just to digest what you’ve eaten. This means that if you are eating constantly throughout the day, your body is steadily using up energy to fuel your digestive processes.

Eating six smaller meals, spaced evenly throughout your waking hours, will result in a much greater calories burn, a higher metabolism, subdued hunger and cravings and improved energy levels.

GO slowly.  It can be overwhelming to switch from 2-3 large meals per day to 5-6 smaller meals per day.  In order to get to 5-6 meals per day, you will need to gradually increase the number of meals you eat each day.  Start off by eating 4 meals per day.  After about a week, increase this to 5 meals per day.  Give yourself a week or two to adjust and then increase your meals to 6 per day.